A Choreography of Communication

Since 2008 I have undertaken research into how dance might be a communicative gesture rather than a decorative gesture?

It is a research process into what 'an aesthetics of communication' or 'an aesthetics of empathy and exchange' might imply. How might we, through our whole sense-system and thought-body, aesthetically and choreographically investigate our non-verbal exchange with an-other? 

In which way is our movement gestures, our dance, a way of exchange with each other? In which ways do we affect each other at non-verbal levels, and what is our choice making like at the level of embodied interaction? How might this determine the shape of choreography?

…difference is movement. It always passes, always comes to pass, between the two …difference is ‘the middle’. It develops, lives, breathes between two people. What is intoxicating, what can be disturbing, difficult - is that it is not the third term, it is not a block between two blocks: it is exchange itself. Hélène Cixous

Articles - thinking through practice

Framing paper - 'Still Open' - pdf file

Notes on 'Experiments in a relational field #2' - pdf file

In Search of ‘Spacious Singing Flesh’: Paradoxes, Intimacy and Engagement with Difference - pdf file (MA dissertation, 2008)

Research in practice

  • Choreographer in recidence at Dancescience, University of Copenhagen with dancers, Søren Linding Urup, Camilla Fjellhaug and Fie Mygind. May 2011

  • Laboratoriescenen at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen. Process with dancers Quim Bigas, Søren Linding Urup and Camilla Fjellhaug. October 2010.

  • Forsøgsstationen, Copenhagen. Two week process with mixed groups of performers, dancers and other interested people. September 2010

  • ’Still - Open’ with dancer Sheena McGrandles. At Daghdha Dance Company, Ireland, 2009

  • 'Multiplicitos Sites' research with Ph.d. and performer Rachel Sweeney. At Belltable Artscenter, Ireland, 2009

  • ’Experiments in a relational field #2’ with dancers: Lucy Suggate, Riikka Theresa Inanen og Isabella Oberländer. At Daghdha Dance Company, Ireland, 2009

    Thanks to:
    Dartington College of Arts, England
    Daghdha Dance Company, Limerick, Ireland
    Forsøgsstationen, Copenhagen, DK
    Laboratoriescenen at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen, DK
    Dancescience at The University of Copenhagen, DK