Ode to Freedom and Ridicule

Solo performance 
Duration 15 min.


‘Ode to Freedom and Ridicule’ happens through one body and a live audience. Nothing else. I, the performer, challenge my presence and what arises in the here and now.

In this immediate and naked setup I question what a connection between me and you might be like. I question how I might act through movement and transform impressions to expressions. I question how thoughts, feelings and body in movement is intimately intertwined and together becomes dance.

‘Ode to Freedom and Ridicule’ unfolds in an alternation between words and movement, between the ethereal and the mundane, between knowing and not knowing. It is a playful and subtle kind of stand-up dance, a celebration of play, imperfection, and delight of being here. 

‘Connections festival', Aarhus, DK, April 2011
'Spot On’, Copenhagen, DK, December 2010
‘Gravity & Grace - international festival for exploratory dance’, Ireland, November, 2010

Supported by:
Daghdha Dance Company, Ireland
Spot On - Platform for new choreographic work