DUET a Duet

A collaboration with Giorgio Convertitio. Duration aproximately 20 min

The foyer at DanseHallerne, Copenhagen, DK, March, 2011
Vestjyllands Højskole, Ringkøbing, DK, April, 2011
Ringkøbing Gymnasium, Ringkøbing, DK, April, 2011 
‘Connections festival', Aarhus, DK, April, 2011


'DUET a Duet' unfolds as a honest conversation were two dancers expose to the audiennce, in words and dance, their thinking process as the dance develops; what they experience and what is at stake, right now.

We are looking for a quality of aliveness and unpredictable movement responses, in the now, as our relating to each other and the audience evolves, transforms and plays out in space. 

Supported by:
Danish Arts Council - Aktualitetspuljen
Forsøgsstationen, Copenhagen