Dance for Madness and Hope

Solo performance
Duration 20 min.

‘Dance for Madness and Hope’ is a structured improvisation which explores dance, vocal production and song and how these modes of expression might arise, essentially, from the same source in the performer.

I am concerned with paradoxical and strange ‘swings’ of expression which arise from an exploration of what it might mean to have a dialogue between inner sensations and perceptions of the outside. How might I make sense of a world, seemingly full of non-sense and madness?

'Dance for Madness and Hope' delights in ambiguous and paradoxical feelings and thoughts, in a hopeful reach for otherness and all that is other. 

Daghdha Space, Limerick, Ireland, 2009
ABUNDANCE - festival for dance and choreography, 
Karlsstad, Swenden, 2010 

Supported by:
Danish Arts Council
FAS - Ireland
Daghdha Dance Company