Dancer, choreographer, teacher and researcher

Words about Ellen Kilsgaard by David Williams (Reader in Performance Practices, UK):

'Ellen Kilsgaard's academic writing focuses on questions of present-ness, attention, perception in an embodied practice, and explores the ethical implications of an opening towards ‘otherness’, both internally and in relation to performance as social forum. She is consistently articulate, inquisitive and creative in her thinking.

Her practice, both as solo practitioner and as collaborator, is remarkable for its sensitivities, adventurousness, detail, and the invitations it affords to spectators. She is extremely engaging in live performance, drawing and meeting one’s attention with a quality I can only describe in terms of lightness, generosity and compassion. The quality of attention she brings to her collaborators is self-evident, palpable.

It is perhaps informative that her experiences to date include projects with Deborah Hay and the study of the martial art Kalaripayattu in Kerala, S. India; in very different ways, both propose attunement to an amplified attentiveness and the possibility of a radical present-ness.

In conjunction with her undergraduate training at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam, with its rich array of teachers particularly in the area of improvisation, these experiences have enabled her to engage with her predicament in the moment with great focus, dexterity, alertness and presence.

As a performer, she is also naturally very funny, with a remarkable capacity to shift the register of a performance fluidly into and out of the comic, the pensive, the theatrical, the dynamically still.'

Ellen Kilsgaard er freelance dansekunstner specialiseret i improvisatoriske processer. Hun skaber og performer dans, solo, i samarbejdskonstellationer og som koreograf. Desuden arbejder hun som underviser.

Hun har siden 1999 gået til sit arbejde ud fra en grundlæggende interesse i intuition og relation og og arbejdet med ‘mellemrum’ som poetisk og meningsdannende. Relation både mellem dansere, dansere og publikum, og danserens relation til rum, omgivelser og objekter.

Hun studerede først dans og koreografi på School for New Dance Development, NL (1995 -1999), og har en MA med udmærkelse fra Dartington College of Arts, (nu Falmouth Univeristy College), UK, 2008. Hun var ‘artist in residence’ ved Dagdha Dance Company, Limerick, Ireland, i sæsonen 2008-2009. Hun har siden 2010 base i København.



In english

Ellen Kilsgaard works as an independent dance artist. She has been making work since 1999 with an underlying interest in relationality, the space between us as productive of poetry, connectivity as meaning making. Relation both between dansers, between dancer and spectator and the dancers relation to space, environment and objects.

She first studied dance at School for New Dance Development (1995 -1999), and holds an MA with distinction from Dartington College of Arts, (now Falmouth Univeristy College), UK, 2008. She was artist in residence at Dagdha Dance Company, Limerick, Ireland, in the season 2008-2009. Since 2010 she is based in Copenhagen.