Oh Monster!

Oh Monster! is a dance, theatre visual arts piece. Made and performed in collaboration with Chris Crickmay
Duration 40 min

Article (pdf): 
'The making of 'Oh Monster!'' is an extended piece of writing about the performance and around our working processes.     

'Oh Monster!' is about the monster as the foreign, the strange, the unknown, that which scares us a little and constantly escapes us. 'Oh Monster!' contains an ambiguity and a question. One has to ask: who, or what is the monster? Is it outside us or inside? Or something diffuse we can't really define?   What we see in the performance are very small encounters between two performers and objects - a microphone stand, a black cloth, a flag of uncertain allegiance, some lamps. But every so often what had seemed a laughably small and trivial action, suddenly looms terrifyingly large in its emotional significance. 

Video of 'Oh Monster!', September 2011:

Laboratoriescenen, Dansens Hus, Copenhagen, DK, September 2011
'Winter Dance Gathering Festival', Dartington, UK, December 2009

Supported by:
Dansens Hus Copenhagen, DK
Dartington Arts, UK 
Flakkebjerg Efterskole, DK  

Chris Crickmay  

Chris Crickmay (UK) is an installation artist, performer and writer with particular interests in creating interactive environments for performance, and in improvised movement work. He has worked on a wide variety of performance projects in collaboration with dancers, including early work with Mary Fulkerson and recent projects with Miranda Tufnell, Eva Karczag, Sarah Shorten, Alice Tatge and Ellen Kilsgaard. He was once Head of Art and Design at Dartington College of Arts, UK. He has co-authored two books with Miranda Tufnell: Body Space Image (1990) and A Widening Field: Journeys in Body and Imagination, Dance Books, (2004).