Experiments in a Relational Field

Made at Dartington College of Arts 
With: performance artist Nicolas Galeazzi, singer Andy Rushton and Ellen Kilsgaard

Dramaturgy and visuals: Chris Crickmay

Duration 30 min.

Dartington College of Arts, UK, 2008

Supported by:
National Bankens Jubilæumsfond, DK

‘Experiments in a Relational Field’ is an exploration of how the connective space between us might be productive of performative material. It an experimentation with sonic and physical confrontations, co-existences, play, interruptions, dialogues and negotiations and how these might manifest in the body as movement as well as become expressive in performative ‘situations'.

Background and core concerns
The concerns around relationality stems from my work as a performer in which I understand myself to be dealing with a fundamental paradox: I am with me and with you at the same time. I am listening inside my body receiving somatic impulses and information, and at the same time I listen to what is around me and see you and the space. I am constantly playing on the borders of my inside and outside and it is here that I am searching for a meeting place. It is from this paradoxical place that is both me and you, both here and there, both subject and object that the work stems.